Well, hello there fellow Charlieissocoollike fans! As you can see here I decided to create a special blog filled with as many hilarious quotes said by none other than Charlie McDonnell. Please, feel free to submit some of your favorite quotes and I'll be sure to post them on here as soon as possible. Hope you like what you see so far, thanks so much for stopping by.

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*I'm not the real Charlie McDonnell!

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This isn't necessarily a question, but I just wanted to say your "profile" picture is adorable <3 I love Charlie! And the quotes you put up make me smile :D 

Well, thanks! I enjoy your icon as well. And i’m glad you like the quotes.

"While it may only seem a couple minutes to me but to you, traveling at normal human speed it would of been many, many years. So by the time I return from my very short run you would of died of old age…" 

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Charlie McDonnell

"Let’s pretend that you had a magic iPhone app that would let you take pictures of me traveling very nearly at the speed of light." 

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Charlie McDonnell

"Imagine that you’re sitting by canal enjoying the lovely British weather, when suddenly I appear next to you screaming like a lunatic." 

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Charlie McDonnell

"New Fun Science video tomorrow. Prepare to learn things. But fun. Unless you don’t think science is fun. In which case: aw." 

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Charlie McDonnell

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